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Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information According to Regulation (EU) 2016/697 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, Sánta Enikő EV deals with the processing of data on the site.


By viewing the website of Sánta Enikő EVt. ( by accessing the services available through it (downloading products and offers, ordering services) or by visiting the portal, you agree to the terms of your personal data management and expressly consent to the data controller (eg newsletter, etc.) for your service and activity, and to provide for your own marketing and data management, and to provide technical support for the service, for the purposes and for the purposes defined by the nature of the transaction.


Sánta Enikő EV (Hereinafter "Data Manager") will pay particular attention to protecting your personal information, complying with mandatory provisions, safe and fair data management.


Data Manager - Data Processor:

Owner and data controller of the website (s) and any right of access to it:

Name: Sánta Enikő EV (Hereinafter referred to as Data Manager)

Head office: 1221, Budapest Portyázó út 46.

VAT number: 72430118-2-43

Licence number: 32/2018

email address:


Sánta Enikő EV uses personal data processed in connection with its services on its website / data processor.


In the case of a card payment, the data of the bankcard and the card payment transaction are filed by  OTP Bank Nyrt. (1051 Budapest, Nádor street 16 Cg. 01-10-041585, tax number: 10537914-4-44). The legal basis for the transfer of data is Infotv. 6 (6) and the voluntary contribution of the person concerned.



Data processors:

Name: Luxembourg S.a.r.l,

Head office: 5, rue Guillaume Kroll, L-1882 Luxembourg

Data processor: developing and running a web site

Name: Comprel Bt. 

Headquarters: 1135 Budapest, Jász u. 65. 3. em. 5.

Register number: 01-06-764965

Data processor task: computer system support


Name: Meppkont Kft.

Headquarters: 1221 Budapest, Bornemissza tér 12.

Register number: 01 09 204466

Data processor task: bookkeeping


Headquarters: 2378 Pusztavacs, Dózsa György utca 3

Company Number: 13-09-146088

Data processor task: providing airport transfer service


Name: Avalon Car (e) Services Ltd.

Head office: 1142 Budapest, Tengerszem utca 106.

Company Registration Number: 01-09-934363

Data processor task: providing car rental service


Name: Spider-M 2012 Kft

Headquarter: 7900 Szigetvár, Berzsenyi u.7.

Company Registration Number: 02-09-078998

Data processor: providing online webstorage


Name: thePass Kft

Headquarters: 1061 Budapest, Király utca 30-32. A. intact. 105th

Register number: 01-09-172346

Data processor task: booking application / system service

Name: NTAK National Tourism Data Supply Centre

Head office: 1027 Budapest, Kacsa u. 15-23, postal address: 1525 Budapest Pf.: 97

Phone: 36 1 488 8700, email:

Data processor task: automatically processes the received guest datas, saves them in the central database, and archives them in a structured, encrypted form, creates data markets for processing in order to generate reports and analyses faster, and more safely in terms of the integrity of the database


Name: Kft

Headquarters: 3525 Miskolc, Régiposta utca 9.

Register number: 05-09-022421

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: B.V.

Head office: Herengracht 597, 1017 CE

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: TripAdvisor LLC

Head office: 315A Chestnut St NEEDHAM MA 02492-2447

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Hotelbeds Spain, S.L.U

Headquarters: Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Cami de Son Fangos No. 100, Complejo Mirall Balear, Tower A, 5th floor, 6A-7A, 07007

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Expedia, Inc.

Headquarters: 108th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Data processor task: providing a reservation service



Headquarters: The Triangle 5-17 Hammersmith Grove London W6 0LG Great Britain

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Agoda Company Pte. Ltd.

Headquarters: 30 Cecil Street, Prudential Tower # 19-08, Singapore, 049712

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Airbnb Ireland UC

Head office: 8 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Cerbium Holding S.A. (only-apartments)

Head office: Avinguda de les Drassanes 6-8, planta 15, 08001 Barcelona, ​​Spain

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Wimdu Malta Limited

Headquarters: 38, Level 2, Emanuel Schembri Street, Birkirkara BKR 1810, Malta

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: A Way to Stay

Headquarters: 1596 Quarry Road, Yardley, PA 19067

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: HomeAway UK Limited

Head office: 25th Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BH

Data processor task: providing a reservation service


Name: Google Inc. (Google Analytics)

Headquarters: 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View,

CA 940043

Data Processing Officer: Webanalitical Service Provider


Name: Dopbox Inc.

Headquarters: 333 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Data processor task: providing online storage, icloud service


You expressly consent to transfer the personal data of  Sánta Enikő EV to a data processor in a third country. An adequate level of protection of personal data is ensured as a binding act of the European Union establishes its conformity decision The level of protection of your personal data is equivalent to the level of protection provided in the EU and the third country provides an adequate level of protection.


Legal basis for data handling:

Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information (5) (1) (a), your voluntary contribution under section 5 (1) b. and section 6 (5). is a legitimate interest.


Data management duration

The duration of the processing of personal data generated in connection with the service generally extends to the duration of the legal relationship with you, at the end of which time the information you provide and the information you provide will be anonymized for deletion or for statistical purposes:


- Info TV. Section 6 (5) Sánta Enikő EV shall, without prejudice to any other obligation, to enforce the retention or other legal obligations imposed by law on the Data Controller and, if proportionate to limiting the right to the protection of personal data, to enforce the legitimate interest of the Data Controller or third party, or you can manage your personal information after your consent has been withdrawn.


The purpose of data management is:

The primary purpose of our data management is to provide this service in an efficient, secure and personalized way. By viewing the web pages of the Data Manager, by completing the contact form, you have consented to use your personal information for the following purposes:

- the identification required to use the services,

- correspondence,

- technical operation of services,

- providing information on services, sales of products and marketing promotions

- compilation of statistics.


If you do not indicate your protest related to data handling for this purpose, we consider that your data will be processed in the following manner:

- sending a postal or telephone informative material,

- information from the data controller,

- send e-mail and electronic messages to your mobile phone by sending commercials and other information.

Your data is only evaluated by data processing by means of a computer tool.


Managed personal data range:

The following information is required on the portal when using the services: full name, e-mail address, subject of interest


Data handling information - cookie data storage:

Sánta Enikő EV  treats your personal data with the principle of fairness, transparency, purpose limitation, data saving, limited storage, integrity and confidentiality.

Your personal data may only be recognized by authorized employees of the data controller / data processor who, when handling personal data, always act in accordance with applicable and applicable Hungarian legislation.

The data handler / data processor manages voluntarily the data provided by you during the use of the service in a single database and manages the data saving principle. Some data and IP addresses of the service user's computers are logged to generate website attendance data for detecting possible errors and attack attempts. The IP addresses of the users are not tied to any other data by the data handler / data processor that identifies the user's identity.

The web site operated by Sánta Enikő EV  may include, for the purpose of webanalytical measurements, references to external servers and external servers. The webanalist service provider does not handle personal data, it only handles data related to browsing, which is not suitable for identifying individual individuals. These services are provided by Google Inc. under the Google Analytics service to the data controller. For more information on this service, visit

When using some parts of the service, the data controller / data processor installs small data files (cookies) that contain data that are not directly related to you, to make a record of your computer, facilitate your further visits, increase the efficiency of the service, deliver targeted advertising or other targeted content for market research purposes. Depending on your browser, but you can typically set the Cookies to be blocked by Settings / Privacy. However, when cookies are disabled, some pages or features may not work properly (weeks).

You are entitled to receive personal data provided to the data controller in a machine-readable, widely-used machine-readable format and, where technically possible, to transfer them directly between data controllers if your personal data is either a consent or a contract, data management is done automated (Data Storage).


Data security - privacy incident

In the data controller or its activities, the data processor ensures the security of your data, takes the technical and organizational measures and establishes the procedural rules necessary to enforce the data protection rules. The data is specifically protected against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or deletion, or damage or destruction.

By using this service, you and the operator establish a connection with the communication tool, providing information on an open network (internet). This requires operator compliance with enhanced inspection and safety requirements. Accordingly, it seeks to ensure that its service is technically safe and, to this end, takes security measures that conform to industry standards (eg firewalls, use of encryption protocols, etc.).

An important task of the Data Controller is the proper handling of data incidents. Sánta Enikő EV  will report to the Data Protection Authority immediately or within 72 hours of the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access to personal data, unless the incident is unlikely to pose a risk.

Other data management

We will inform you that the court, the prosecutor's office and the investigating authority may contact the data administrator for information, disclosure, transfer, or disclosure of documents.



Sánta Enikő EV reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Privacy Statement, which is notified to you on the web site, in addition to your prior notification. Upon the entry into force of this amendment, you agree to the terms of the revised Privacy Policy with the use of the service.


Intended use

You are not authorized to use the website other than those mentioned above. Illegal or unauthorized activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

- modifying or decoding any part of the site;

- use any automated application, search engine, page search or decryption tool, or any other application that may be used to modify the site or any part thereof;

- reformat or edit any part of the website;

- creating, modifying, or modifying user password using automatic methods or fraudulent or unfair,

- access to data not intended for you or login to a server or ID that you are not authorized to access;

- it is forbidden to attempt to test, test, or test the system or network vulnerability, or violate the system's security or authority-control measures without proper authorization.

Disclaimer of liability

Sánta Enikő EV . draws your attention to the fact that you can not transfer the use of the service to anyone else, you are not entitled to assign your rights to a third party by concluding a specific contract.

You are fully responsible for the use of any service through which access is made through your own password.

All information, data, descriptions, or descriptions that appear on your web pages are for your information. The use of information and data on Sánta Enikő EV 's websites may only be used at your own risk and responsibility. Sánta Enikő EV . Regularly provides updates of the information and information on the website but does not assume any responsibility for their completeness, accuracy or accuracy. Sánta Enikő EV  is not responsible for the data and information published by third parties regarding its websites.

The Data Controller is not responsible for any damages that may arise from the use, use, misuse, or use of the Web site, misuse of the Website, malfunction, malfunction, delayed transmission of information, computer virus or other malicious code, data transmission error, unauthorized modification of data by anyone, or other reasons similar to those listed.


Sánta Enikő EV  excludes all responsibility for the reliability, functionality or availability of the website. You use the Website solely at your own risk, the Data Handler is not liable for any damages that may result from improper or misuse, and for any material, non-material, consequential and consequential damages that may result from the use of the Site.

The Data Handler places links to third party websites on the Website, but does not assume any liability for content and websites placed by third parties and is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of these sites. The terms and conditions of these third party service providers apply to the pages and their use.

The Data Handler draws attention to the fact that you can not transfer the use of the service to anyone else, nor is it entitled to assign the rights you have to third parties by concluding a specific contract.

You are obliged to do everything you need to protect your personal data, especially the one-time password required to use the services provided by the Data Manager. It is responsible for any event or activity that has been exploited by using your login password.

The Data Manager does not control the personal information that he or she has given to us, and it is not responsible for their authenticity. The correctness of the data given is solely the responsibility of the person giving it. At the time of submitting your e-mail address, you are also responsible for the sole use of the provided e-mail address. If you have provided third-party information during your contact or caused any damage to your web site, Sánta Enikő EV . is entitled to claim damages against you.

The Data Manager is not responsible for the successful handling or resolution of the reported issues. Its activity is confined to attempting to make the notifications known to the relevant organization or agency, or when it receives feedback from the body concerned, it shall make it public.

Compensation and compensation

You are liable for damages of any nature (actual and consequential damages) arising out of the breach of the terms and conditions of Sánta Enikő EV . arising out of inadequate use of the website or in the present Privacy Policy.


Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights

The content of the website is copyrighted and protected by international agreements, is the property of the Data Controller and is copyrighted by Sánta Enikő EV . The use of the content of the website is subject to the copyright of the website, its content is collated, arranged, edited, , utilization or transfer of Sánta Enikő EV 

Without prejudice to the prior written permission of the Data Controller, it is forbidden to duplicate, copy, reproduce or distribute the Content or parts of the Content in any form unless the Data Controller explicitly and explicitly declares that any such use is permitted. It is also prohibited to create or modify any material or work that is or will be based on the Content, including in particular fonts, icons, buttons, links, wallpapers, screensavers, texts, images, graphics, logos, postcards, photos, audio and video material, unauthorized access, distribution, distribution and sale.

It is forbidden to modify, modify, or reproduce the entire contents or any of its elements for download, store, print, other website or any creation for any purpose other than for personal use, in any way or in any form, for any purpose, to be presented, exhibited or extended for commercial, or for non-commercial purposes, in any way and in any form, to use, to utilize, transfer or otherwise dispose of it.

Sánta Enikő EV  reserves all rights to the website, with the exception of downloading, storing and printing for its own personal purpose. You must respect all copyright and other rights related to the Content, as a consequence of copyright infringement (civil rights law (Chapter XIII of Act LXXVI of 1999) and criminal law (Chapter XXXVII of the Criminal Code).


If, despite your protest, you have legal rights to deal with your personal information, you may take the following remedies:

- may request information on how to handle your personal information and request the correction of your personal information.

- upon request, we provide information about the data processed by us or the processor we are responsible for, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the data processor's name, address (headquarters) and data management related activities and who and for whom and for what purpose get the data. In the shortest possible time, but not later than 30 days after the submission of the application, we provide the information in writing and in a clear form.

- Your personal data will be deleted if your handling is illegal if you request that the purpose of data processing be terminated or the legally stipulated deadline for data storage expired is ordered by the court or the Data Protection Commissioner.

- You will be notified of any correction and cancellation and we will notify you of those who previously forwarded the data for data handling. Notification may be omitted if it does not prejudice the legitimate interest of the data concerned for the purpose of data handling.

- You may object to the handling of your personal data if:

- the processing of personal data (transmission) is only necessary for the enforcement of the right or legitimate interest of the data controller or the data exporter, unless data management is prescribed by law;

- the use or transmission of personal data is done for direct business acquisition, opinion polling or scientific research;

- the exercise of the right of protest is otherwise permitted by law.

Sánta Enikő EV  as a Data Controller - simultaneously suspending the processing of data - will review the protest within the shortest possible time but not later than 15 days from the submission of the application and will inform you in writing of the results thereof. If the protest is warranted, we will discontinue data processing, including further data collection and data transfer, and lock the data, and notify any protest or action taken against any person who has previously been transferred to the personal data affected by the protest and who are obliged to take action in order to enforce the right to protest.

If you disagree with the decision you make, you can appeal to the court within 30 days of its notification.

Please note that we will not be able to delete your data if the data processing has been ordered by law. However, the data can not be transmitted to the data sender if the data controller agrees with the protest, and the court has found the right to protest.

In the event of violation of your rights, you may be directed to a court of law against the data controller. He chooses to institute court proceedings before the court of his place of residence or residence. The court proceeds out of court.

In addition to the above, you may initiate an investigation with the National Data Protection and Data Liberation Authority on the grounds that there has been a violation of law in connection with the handling of your personal data or there is a direct danger of:


National Privacy and Freedom Authority

Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf .: 5.


Phone number: +36 (1) 391-1400

Current legislation on data handling
- Act CXII of 2011 on Information Freedom of Information and Freedom of,
- Regulation (EU) No 2016/697 of the European Parliament and of the Council General Privacy Policy (April 27, 2016) GDPR.
- Act V of 2013 - Civil Code (Civil Code);
- 1997 CLV. Act on Consumer Protection (Acting);
- XIX. Act on Criminal Procedure (Criminal Code);
- Act C of 2000 on Accounting (Accounting);
- CVIII of 2001. Act on Electronic Commerce Services and Certain Issues of Information Society Services (Eker.
- Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (Eht.);
- CXXXIII of 2005. Act on the rules of personal and property protection and the activities of private investigators (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor);
- Act XLVIII of 2008. Act on the Fundamental Terms and Limitations of Economic Advertising Activity (Grt.),
- CLIX. Law on Postal Services (Post.).
- The CLXV 2013 Complaints and Announcement Announcements Act (Pktv.),

Personal data: any can be (considered) a natural person contact a specific (identified or identifiable) data, can be deducted from the data, conclusions concerning him.Personal data preserves this quality while handling it as long as its relationship can be restored with the affected person. In particular, a person may be identified if it can be identified, directly or indirectly, by a name, identifier or one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.
Special data: racial origin, belonging to a national and ethnic minority, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or other beliefs, membership of a stakeholder organization, health status, abnormal passion, sexual life data, and criminal personal data.
Contribution: a voluntary and definitive statement of the wishes of the person concerned, based on appropriate information and by which he gives his / her unambiguous consent to the handling of his / her personal data - for full or individual operations.
Protest: the statement of the person concerned with which he or she objected to the handling of his / her personal data and requests the termination of the data processing and the cancellation of the processed data.
Prohibition List: List of names and addresses of individuals who did not contribute to using their personal data for one of the direct marketing purposes specified in this Act or forbidding them to continue handling them for that purpose.
Data Controller: a natural or legal person or a non-legal entity who or which determines the purpose of the processing of data shall make and enforce decisions on data management (including the equipment used), or execute it with the data processor entrusted to it.
Data management: regardless of the method used, any operation of the data or all the operations, such as collecting, capturing, recording, systematizing, storing, modifying, utilizing, transmitting, publishing, aligning, linking, blocking, deleting and destroying data, to prevent further use. Data Photographing or sound or picture record and the identity of the physical attributes (e. Finger or palm prints, DNA samples and iris image) is also recorded.
Transmission: when data is made available to a specific third party.
Disclosure: If the data is made available to anyone.
Privacy incident: a security breach resulting in accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access to personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise handled.
Data storage: consent to the transfer of personal data to another data controller,
Data encryption: To make the transmission, recognition, disclosure, transformation, modification, destruction, deletion, interconnection, or harmonization and use of the data permanently or for a specified period of time impossible.
Data wiping: Making data unrecognizable so that recovery is no longer possible.
Data Destruction: Complete Physical Destruction of Data or Media containing it.
Data processing: technical tasks related to data processing operations, regardless of the method and means, the place of application used to perform the operation.
Data processing means any natural or legal person or organization without legal personality who or which processes personal data on behalf of the data controller.

Transmission: To make the data available to a specific third party.

Third party: a natural or legal person or a non-legal entity that is not the same as the data subject, the data controller or the data processor.

Third country: Any country which is not a member of the European Economic Area.


Budapest, September 01, 2021

Sánta Enikő EV 

Data Manager

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