Program offers

Nearby and in the city we can offer several programs. We can help you in the reservation as well. 

Tickets you can order and receive at arrival

Budapest Card

Discounts in Museums, Spas

19 € for the Card valid for 24 hour

29 € for the Card valid for 48 hour

37 € for the Card valid for 72 hour

49 € for the Card valid for 96 hour

59 € for the Card valid for 120 hour

30 € for the Junior Card valid for 72 hour

Unlimited public transport while the card is valid!

Hop-on Hop-off bus tickets

7 lines and 53 stops

Adult 24 hours, 4 lines: 6000HUF, Student: 5500HUF

Adult 48 hours, 4 lines: 7000HUF, Student: 6500HUF

Adult 72 hours, 4 lines: 8000HUF, Student: 7500HUF

Around 24 hours, 5 lines: 7000HUF, Student: 6500HUF

Adult 48 hours, 5 lines: 8000HUF, Student lines: 7500HUF

Adult 72 hours, 5 lines: 9000HUF, Student: 8500HUF

Cruises on river Danube

with services

Coffe & Cruise: 3500HUF ,  Lunch & Cruise: 10800HUF

Dinner & Cruise: 14900HUF,  Drink & Cruise: 5700HUF

Craft Beer & Cruise: 7900HUF,  Cocktail & Cruise: 6900HUF

Wine & Cruise: 8900HUF,  Party & Cruise: 4800HUF

Pub Crawl & Cruise: 8000HUF, Jewish Heritage Tour: 6500HUF

Shows, concerts, air cruises

Folklore show: depend on seat 6200HUF to 25000HUF

Gala Concert: depend on seat 9100HUF to 29500HUF

Organ Concert: depend on seat 4900HUF to 8900HUF

Air Cruses: Cessna Tour 63000HUF/75000HUF/89000HUF

Helicopter Tours 135000HUF

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Sport possibilties nearby

Kőkaland Park
Bob-cat, military jeep, group programs
Highland Golf Club
4km far from Villa
Horse riding
prior arrangement
Summer Tobbogan
Bob, mini-golf, soccer field
Indoor, underground paintball filed
Gokart Aréna
Race, course book
Sport Airport
Helicopter rent, site-seeing
Strike Bowling Club
with restaurant
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Family vacation programs

For hen and stag parties

Aquaworld Thermalbath
All year open
Szechenyi Bath
Largest in Budapest
Gellert Bath
Art nouveau style
Fish, shark, turtle, alligator
5.200 m2
Memento park
Communist statue park
Eleven park
Playing house
Trofea Grill
All you can eat restaurants
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Budapest Fun
Show girls, dancers
Celeritas Club
Shooting event specialist
Bath Parties
Party times, tickets
Limousine rental
8-18 person
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Memento park

Communist statue park

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