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Tickets you can order and receive at arrival

Széchenyi Bath

Budapest spa town - swim in one of the largest spa in our city. The Széchenyi bath has 21 swimming pools, wellness, sauna, steam bath, home medical services. Open every day in winter time too between 06:00 and 22:00.
- Széchenyi locker weekdays: 5900 HUF/person

- Széchenyi locker weekends: 6200 HUF/person

- Széchenyi cabin weekdays: 6400 HUF/person

- Széchenyi cabin weekends: 6800 HUF/person

Massage and mixed packages are available. Ask for massage and packing prices.

Night spa parties time on Saturdays, you can book here

Gellért Bath

Gellert Bath opened in 1918 offering medicinal water treatments using the same deep underground springs the Knights of St John used in the 12th century, and later on the Turks to feel the invigorating powers of the mineral rich waters. Gellért Bath welcomes its guests with spa services, thermal bath, swimming pool, outdoor thermal pool, a wave pool (seasonal), whirlpool, aqua fitness, spa services, massages, sauna, hot air bath, steam bath, pedicure, Sun terrace. Open every day between 06:00 and 22:00.

- Gellért locker weekdays: 6300 HUF/person

- Gellért locker weekends: 6600 HUF/person

- Gellért cabin weekdays: 6700 HUF/person

- Gellért cabin weekends: 7100 HUF/person

 Massage and mixed packages are available. Ask for massage and packing prices

Budapest Card

Discounts in Museums, Spas

More than 100 services

Free or discounted entry to more than 60 museums and to special sights

Sightseeing tours with extra reductions

Reduced price tickets for cultural and folklore programs

Discounts in restaurants and in spas

24 h - 6490HUF

48 h - 9990HUF

72 h -12990HUF

96 h -15990HUF

120 h - 18990HUF

72 h Junior- 9990 HUF

Unlimited public transport while the card is valid!

Dinner and cruises

with services

Explore the stunning view of Budapest from boat on Danube, while you enjoy the live music show and/or try a buffet-styled lunch or dinner.

Cruise @14:00:

Drink & Cruise: 5700 HUF/adult, 5200 HUF/student

Lunch & Cruise: 12300 HUF/adult, 11300 HUF/student

Cruise @19:00:

Drink & Cruise: 6900 HUF/adult, 6200 HUF/student

Dinner & Cruise: 16500 HUF/adult, 15500 HUF/student

Cruise @22:00 with live music:

Drink & Cruise: 6200 HUF/adult, 5700 HUF/student

Dinner & Cruise: 14200 HUF/adult, 13200 HUF/student

You can mix the the Danube Cruises with Gala and Organ concert or with the Folklore Show. Please, ask us about the package prices.

6 bridge cruises

Enjoy an unforgettable day, cruise while discovering Budapest in a relaxing and convenient way. Choose from more programs with reduced price.

Coffee & Cruise: 4300 HUF/adult, 4000 HUF/student

Craft Beer & Cruise: 9300 HUF/adult, 8800 HUF/student

Cocktail & Cruise: 8300 HUF/adult, 7700 HUF/student

Wine & Cruise: 10600 HUF/adult, 9900 HUF/student

You can mix the the Danube Cruises with Gala and Organ concert or with the Folklore Show.

Please, ask us about the package prices.

​Great Market Hall culinary walking tour

​Join a delicious tour inside the largest and most iconic markets of Budapest! Your insider guide will meet you at the Lion Fountain in the middle of Vörösmarty Square and after a brief introduction to the history of the Hungarian kitchen you will start your descent into the peculiar world of this market. Enjoy a hearty tasting of homegrown local goods at various different stands of the market and meet the people who produced them. Sample warm scones with several Hungarian salamis such as winter or Mangalica salami and a super-spicy one for the most courageous! If this wasn’t enough, you can chase it down with a wide range of selectable pickled foods like cabbage, lángos, chalice, melons, and naturally, pickles. To avoid leaving with a sour taste in your mouth you’ll be guided to the sweetest stand of the market to try some home-made marmalade such as plum or lavender jam. Here, you can also taste famous local mushroom creams made from truffles.

Adult: 8400 HUF
Student: 7700 HUF

Ruined pub crawl

Meet 3 unique ruin pubs in the capital with drinks. Every Friday and Saturday.
Have you heard about the dark side of Budapest? A legendary nightlife where the city’s lights and music flows together creating a wild river of party-mood that fills up its archaic streets. To guarantee a wild start, you’ll be our guest for a welcome shot in each venue. After the third pub visit, once you are ready for it, the unconcealed party city will unveil itself for you as we lead you into the favorite clubs


Adult: 4500 HUF
Student: 3900 HUF

Take in the breathtaking view from our party boat and dance to the best tunes at a major club in our beloved capital!

2 hours Party & Cruise: 5300 HUF

Pub Crawl + 4 hours Party & Cruise: 9400 HUF

Air cruise

Budapest from the air! If you want to see the wonderful panorama of the city from the air… come and get a ticket to:

Cessna Tour:
1 person: 85000 HUF
2 persons: 95000 HUF
3 persons: 105000 HUF

R44 Helicopter Tours:
1 person: 190000 HUF
2 persons: 190000 HUF
3 persons: 210000 HUF
+ optional pick-up (it has an extra cost)

Jewish Heritage tours

Jewish themed guided walk tour in the central of Budapest. Meet with the Jewish Hungarian heritage and taste the delicious kosher foods (only in the grand tour). First, we will visit the Dohány Street Synagogue (interior visit), which is the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. You also get a local guided tour in the Jewish Museum, where you see the Hungarian Jewish heritage through a unique collection of art pieces from Hungary and Eastern Europe, and the rich tradition of Judaism, its holidays and everyday life. A separate room commemorates the Hungarian Holocaust.


Essential Tour: 9600 HUF/adult, 9000 HUF/student
Grand Tour: 15700 HUF/adult, 14400 HUF/student

Budapest Gala concert

Budapest Operetta Theater

Spend an unforgettable night in Budapest by visiting a performance combining the most notable Hungarian performing arts!
Serving as the perfect introduction to Hungary’s diverse musical scene, the Gala Concert features soloists from the Budapest Operetta Theater accompanied by the Danube Symphony Orchestra to from a marvelous cultural event.

I.   cat.: 12600 HUF/adult, 11800 HUF/student
II.  cat.: 11200 HUF/adult, 10400 HUF/student
III. cat.: 10200/adult, 9400 HUF/student

VIP: 33600/person
You can mix the Gala Concert with the Danube Cruises offers.
Please, ask us about the package prices.

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Wood for the fireplace (in winter time) or cauldron cooking

20 kg firewood

1l light oil 

Price: 30€ 

If you like to use a fire place in the living room, or cook in cauldron on grill terrace, you can order firewood and lighter, and we will prepare to your arrival.  Please note, the cauldron place is opened, without roof, so in windy or rainy weather can not use. If you make fire in living room, please make during only few hours, because the central heating will switch off in other rooms, during the fire makes hot temperature. If you don't use it, you won't be charged.

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