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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1.   General Provisions

1.1.    The General Villa Contractual Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) summarize the contractual content under which
Enikő Sánta EV
Phone: +36 30 924 9381
Mailing address: 1221 Budapest, Portyázó út 46
Accommodations Certificate No: 32/2018
(hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider") generally enter into an accommodation contract with its Guests at Villa 46, Portyázó út 1221 Budapest.

1.2.    The Service Provider has (X.20.) Provides accommodation services, the Villa meets the requirements of Annex 1, “Private Accommodation”.

1.3.    1.3. Specific terms and conditions do not form part of these GTCs, but do not exclude the conclusion of special arrangements with travel agents, tour operators, and sometimes different terms and conditions that are appropriate for the particular business.

2.   Contracting Parties

2.1.    The Guest shall use the services provided by the Service Provider. If the Customer places an order for the Services directly with the Service Provider, the Guest will be the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are fulfilled, become contractual parties (hereinafter: Parties).

2.2.    If an order for the Services is placed by a third party (hereinafter referred to as the Agent) on behalf of the Guest, the terms of cooperation shall be governed by an agreement between the Service Provider and the Agent. In this case, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to verify whether the third party legally represents the Guest.

3.   Means and conditions of using the service

3.1.    The Service Provider will always send a written offer to the Guest upon oral or written request for quotation, indicating the time limit, ie option deadline.

3.2.    The Contract shall be entered into only with the written confirmation of the Guest's written reservation sent by the Service Provider and shall be considered as a written Contract.

3.3.    Oral reservations, agreements, modifications, or verbal confirmation by the Service Provider shall not be of contract value.

3.4.    The Agreement on the Use of the Accommodation Service is for a specified period and for the number of guests.

3.5.    If the Guest leaves the Villa finally before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider is entitled to the full consideration for the service stipulated in the Contract. The Service Provider is entitled to resell the vacant property before the expiry date.

3.6.    In case of “no-show” without notice, the Service Provider shall be entitled, in accordance with the terms of the Contract, to the full consideration of the service and to the cancellation and resale of the reservation.

3.7.     Any extension of the accommodation service initiated by the Guest requires the prior consent of the Service Provider. In this case, the Service Provider may stipulate the reimbursement of the service already provided.

3.8.    The use of the accommodation service is subject to the guests providing the Guest information according of 2016 CLVI. Law and 237/2018. (XII.10.) Government Decree to the National Tourist Information Office for the occupying Guest and all travelers by verifying the identity of the Guest in accordance with the legal requirements before check-on the Villa. (Personal details: surname, first name, gender, country and postal code of residence, date and country of birth, date of arrival, date of departure, number of overnight stays)

3.9.    No one is allowed to stay in the Villa without Guest Register.

3.10. Any modification of the Contract requires the written confirmation of the Service Provider.


4.   Mediated Services

4.1.    Guests using the Villa's mediated services are responsible for the service at the Service Provider's contractual partners:

Program ticket, bath ticket sale:

Hungária Koncert Kft.

Headquarters: 1146 Budapest, Abonyi utca 27. fszt. Second

Tax number: 12032707-2-42

Company number: 01-09-369387

Tour Operator Registration Number: U-001849


Transfer service:

Vantranszfer-MBS. Ltd.

Company number: 13-09-146088

Tax ID: 23298987-2-13


5.   Start and end of the stay (check-in, check-out)

5.1.    The Guest has the right to occupy the Villa from 16.00 on the agreed day provided that he/she has paid the accommodation fee and the deposit. Villa keys will be handed over by the villa manager at a pre-arranged time, we ask Guest please inform us about the arrival time by email or by phone +36 30 449 2874. The villa manager will be at the guests' disposal during the stay in case of any questions or if the guest find some problem, or missing in the villa.

5.2.    The Guest must leave the Villa by 11 am on the day of departure.

5.3.    As a representative of the Service Provider, the villa manager is entitled to inspect the villa in detail before leaving the Guest.

5.4.    As a representative of the Service Provider, the villa manager is entitled to inspect the villa in detail before leaving the Guest.

5.5.    Depending on the occupancy of the Villa, the Service Provider will provide an early check-in and a late check-out fee. If you would like to use our service, please notify the villa manager by email before arrival, prior approval is required.

5.6.    The Service Provider provides free luggage storage. If you would like to use our service, please notify the villa manager by email before arrival, prior approval is required.


6.   Catering

6.1.    Villa rates include self-service. The guest can make use of the breakfast and dinner service prepared locally by the Villa's private chef at a surcharge, subject to prior arrangement and order. For current Villa meal offers and prices, please visit Breakfast should be ordered 24 hours in advance, dinner 48 hours in advance, specifying the number of guests and dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, hazelnut or gluten allergic, etc.) that may be required. One type of menu can be ordered for the whole group at the same time, there is no possibility to serve different menus at the same time.

6.2.    Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 12:00, and dinner from 14:00 to 21:00, as agreed with the Guest. The service includes the setting and preparation of the dining room. 1 to 1.5 hours prior to serving, please make the Villa's kitchen and dining room available to the chef so he can prepare your meals without interruption. After serving the food, the chef leaves the Villa to avoid disturbing the guests while eating the food. The private chef service does not include washing the used tableware, if the Guest requests it, please inform the villa manager.

6.3.    You may also request a cocktail party private mixer service at a pre-arranged time. You must order the service 5 days in advance by selecting 5-6 cocktails from the current cocktail list. The Service Fee includes the purchase, preparation and serving of raw materials for cocktails over a 3 hour period at the Villa on the ground floor bar or by the poolside bar. The Service Fee does not include the cost of the raw materials that the mixer has to pay for the block at the start of the cocktail party. At the end of the service, the mixer will wash the unused glasses. At the pool bar only plastic glasses should be used at the guest's expense.


7.   Use of the wellness section

7.1.     The guest is entitled to use the wellness area (swimming pool, massage pool, sauna) during the entire stay, except for regular maintenance. There is an increased risk of slipping in areas near water. Use of the wellness area is at the guest's own risk. It is forbidden to enter the wellness area with street shoes. Please take care of the furnishings. The costs of any damage or contamination are to be reimbursed by the person causing the damage. In the event of damage or injury, please inform the Service Provider, even if it is accidental. Please ensure that the entire wellness area is kept clean. The pool is a dangerous operation, care for yourself to avoid accidents!

7.2.    People who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or medicines, have open wounds, have skin or infectious diseases (such as flu), or have epilepsy should not use the wellness section.

• Please take a shower before using the pool, massage pool or sauna.

• It is forbidden to jump into the pool, jump head forward, climb the railing!

• It is forbidden to enter the pool with oily body lotions, to pour anything into the pool water (shampoo, any liquid), to drop it (confetti, food) or to use it as a toilet!

• Do not bring glass or other fragile objects into the wellness area!

• Do not leave the pool door open!

• Adults or children who cannot swim cannot stay in the wellness area unattended and must be supervised by the Guest. Please use the pool door top lock when small children are staying in the Villa.

7.3.    The warm-up time of the sauna is 60 minutes, you can turn it on and set the temperature according to the instructions provided. Please turn off the sauna after use.

·  Use of the sauna is contraindicated in cardiovascular and respiratory failure, cancer, incontinence, acute inflammatory disease, acute renal disease, tuberculosis, thrombosis, severe varicose veins, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, feverish heart disease. If in doubt, please consult your GP about using the sauna.

·  It is forbidden to pour sauna oil or alcohol directly onto the sauna stove, as it will light up and cause a burn in the sauna casing.

·  Please place a towel under your body during the sauna usage.

·  Use of the sauna is permitted from the age of 15. Do not sauna on a full stomach or on an empty stomach. Do not drink in the sauna, especially alcohol.

7.4. The Service Provider is not responsible for accidents resulting from improper use of the wellness area. If the guest causes extra dirt, the guest is obliged to reimburse the extra cleaning fee.

7.5.    In the event of serious personal injury or sickness, please call the Emergency service on 112 emergency number. Please report any incident (personal injury, malaise, accidental device or object) to the villa manager immediately!


8.   Extension of stay

8.1.    The extension of the stay by the Guest requires the prior consent of the Service Provider.

8.2.    If the Guest does not leave the Villa by 11.00 am on the agreed check-out day and the Service Provider has not agreed in advance to the extension of the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to invoice the price of the Villa for another day, at the same time the Service Provider's obligation.


9.   Prices, offers

9.1.    The current rates for the Villa are available on the Official Booking Page of the Provider at, click to Book now button. The prices on the Official Booking Page include the best price, and all discounts currently available (non-refundable, last-minute booking, etc.) The promotional discounts cannot be combined with other discount.

9.2.    For long-term bookings, ask for their unique offer. The Service Provider determines the conditions stipulated in the individual contract when booking special products related to special conditions.

9.3.    Current price lists for other services are located in the Welcome Book at the Villa.

9.4.    If the Guest has booked the accommodation and the Service Provider has confirmed it in writing, the Service Provider may not change this accommodation price.

9.5.    When publishing the prices, the Service Provider shall indicate the rate of the tax content of the prices (VAT, IFA) applicable at the time of bidding and regulated by law. The published prices include the statutory VAT, but do not include the tourist tax payable locally. The Service Provider transfers the additional charges due to the modification of the effective tax law (VAT, IFA) to the Contracting Party with prior notice.


10. Discounts for children

10.1. Children stay between the ages of 0 and 2, free of charge, baby bed, bed linen and high chairs are provided at an additional cost. Baby beds are only available in certain rooms.

10.2. Children 2 to 12 years pay 50% of the adult rate for bookings of more than 10 people.

10.3. A Children over the age of 12 are considered to be full-fledged persons in the Villa, and there is no possibility of an extra bed above the maximum number of persons in the rooms.

10.4. Baby bed need to be agreed with the Service Provider in advance of booking.


11. Cancellation Policy

11.1. Unless otherwise specified in the Service Provider's offer (eg non-refundable booking), the cancellation and modification terms are as follows:

• Cancellation is free 60 days prior to arrival

• Up to 60 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total price will be charged

• The remaining 50% of the total price will be charged 30 days prior to arrival

• In the event of no-show / no-show, 100% of the booking fee will be charged

11.2. The Service Provider may determine the payment advance in any period, individually adjusting the amount thereof, taking into account the value, time and period of the reservation.

11.3. If the Contractor has provided the services with advance payment and does not arrive by 24:00 on the day of arrival (without cancellation), the Service Provider has the right to resell the Villa the next day after the unsuccessful contact.

11.4. The Service Provider does not have insurance to cover any cancellations made during the cancellation period due to medical, air or ground proximity or other family reasons. The booking guest has the possibility to take out travel insurance or cancellation insurance in his / her own country, which, under the terms and conditions, may claim from his / her own insurer the reimbursement of the paid accommodation fee on the account of the Service Provider. The booking guest is entitled to transfer his / her paid reservation to another person under the same conditions.

12. Payment method

12.1. The cost of the accommodation and other services can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal account or cash. The Service Provider does not accept Széchenyi Pihenő Kártya.

12.2. In case of a transfer, unless otherwise agreed with the Service Provider, the Guest is obliged to transfer the consideration for the ordered services to the bank account of the Service Provider within 5 days after the booking, but no later than the indicated date of arrival with attention for weekends and bank holidays.

12.3. Bank details:

Name: Enikő Sánta
OTP Bank
Name: Enikő Sánta

HUF account IBAN: HU68117110962145805100000000

EUR account IBAN: HU23117631104366588400000000

Swift code: OTPVHUHB

Bank name: OTP Bank Nyrt.

Bank address: H-1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16.

12.4. In the case of bank transfer, please indicate the reference number of the reservation, the name and address of the Guest, and the tax number of the company, which are required to issue the invoice.

12.5. Credit card types accepted by the Service Provider: VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, Maestro. The Bank shall debit the credit card in HUF using the MNB's foreign exchange rate. We accept credit cards issued solely for electronic use only if the bank that issued the card authorizes their use. Please check with your bank to see if your card can be used for remote debiting, whether a daily limit limit does not prevent you from being charged, and there is adequate coverage on the card

12.6. Provider's PayPal account The service provider will charge you a 7% additional transaction fee when paying to her PayPal account.

12.7. Currencies accepted by the Service Provider are HUF and EUR. When paying in EUR, the Service Provider shall use the MNB's foreign exchange rate. The Service Provider does not perform currency exchange. The invoice will be issued by the Service Provider in HUF (not necessarily the payment currency).

12.8. By accepting the GTC, the Guest acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider issues a digital invoice of the fees payable and sends it in PDF format by e-mail.  

12.9. The Service Provider shall take into account the information provided / to be paid at the time of invoicing and the information provided by the person making the booking in the case of online booking and in the case of booking by e-mail or telephone. The details provided here (name, address, tax number in case of company) will be included in the "Buyer" section of the invoice. Within 1 day of making the reservation, the Guest may request the modification of the information provided, but after that the modification is no longer possible.

12.10. We can only accept cancellations and modifications in writing.


13. Deposit

13.1. The Service Provider is entitled to collect a deposit upon arrival from the Guest. The standard amount of the deposit is € 500. The deposit can be paid by PayPal account or cash as described in point 12. In case of larger groups and events the Service Provider is entitled to collect a different amount of deposit.

13.2. The deposit serves to compensate for any damage caused by the Guest to the Villa and to guarantee compliance with the GTC.

13.3. If the Villa Manager does not find any objections in time of Villa's departure after the Villa is checked, the Service Provider will refund the deposit to the Guest within 7 days.

13.4. Should the Guest leave upon contamination, damage or lack of objects after inspection of the Villa, or the Guest has violated the GTC (smoking, noise) during the stay, the villa manager is entitled to estimate the damage. The Service Provider shall be entitled to deduct the damage caused or penalty from the security. If the damage caused or penalty exceeds the deposit paid, the Guest shall be obliged to reimburse the remaining amount upon departure or after departure.  

13.5. Postpay refunds can be made by debiting the guest's credit card.

14. Rejection of contract, termination of service obligation

The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the Accommodation Services Agreement with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the Services if:
• the Guest does not pay the accommodation fee, the service fee ordered or the deposit upon arrival;
• the Guest does not use the provided Villa for its intended purpose, makes a loud noise or disturbs the peace of the neighbours;
• the Guest does not check out of the Villa until 11:00 am on the day indicated on the day of departure and the Service Provider has not given his prior consent to the extension of the stay;
• the Guest behaves in an inappropriate manner, is under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering agents, exhibits threatening, abusive or other unacceptable behaviour with the security, order of the accommodation, its employees, the neighbours of the Villa;
• the Guest suffers from an infectious disease;
• the Contractor fails to fulfil his contractual payment obligation by the due date;
• the Contractor will not show up until 24:00 on the day of arrival, unless cancelled
• if the contract between the parties is not performed due to force majeure, the contract will be terminated.

15. Placement Guarantee

15.1. If the Service Provider is unable to provide the accommodation provided in the Contract due to its own fault (eg overcharging, temporary operating problems, etc.), the Service Provider shall immediately arrange for the Guest to be accommodated.

15.2. The Service Provider is obliged to provide the accommodation service specified in the contract at another accommodation for the price confirmed in it, for the period stipulated therein or until the removal of the obstacle. Within 10km of the city centre, the service provider is required to offer apartments, rooms in private accommodation or hotel rooms with a swimming pool and sauna of at least 14m within 500m, rooms with air conditioning and breakfast and restaurant within 500m. Any additional cost of providing replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.

15.3. If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations or if the Guest has accepted the alternative accommodation offered to him, the Contracting Party shall not be entitled to claim any subsequent compensation.

16. Guest Rights

16.1. By entering into the accommodation service agreement, the Guest acquires the right to use the rented Villa and to use the services ordered.

16.2. Guests can park 2 cars free of charge in the open but unguarded garden car parks, and the quiet street parking is free in front of the villa. The Service Provider excludes any liability for any damage to the vehicles and objects placed in the garden or on the street (including, but not limited to, theft of a vehicle and theft of any object in the vehicle; theft of a vehicle; damage caused by natural phenomena).

16.3. Provider rates include the cost of the final cleaning of the Villa. The Service Provider ensures that the Guest arrives at a cleaned Villa, but does not provide daily cleaning during the Guest's stay. Please ensure the clening of the Villa with cleaning tools provided. The Service Provider provides weekly cleaning to the Guest with towel change for longer bookings. If the Guest requires extra cleaning, the Service Provider will provide it for an additional fee after prior arrangement.

16.4. The Guest is entitled to use the fenced private garden of the Villa at his own risk. Children under 14 must be supervised by the Guest. Playground swings and slides are available for children under 14 years, weighing less than 50kg. During the summer, the watering system is switched on in the morning and evening, please do not leave the sun loungers and garden furniture on the grass at night. Once a week, depending on the weather, the Guest needs to tolerate the gardener's work during the gardening and mowing, which we try to schedule for the afternoon hours.

16.5. The guest is entitled to use the Villa's kitchen, which is fully equipped based on the inventory in the kitchen cabinets. Household appliances please use oven, hob, and fridge as intended. Upon departure, the Guest shall clean the kitchen utensils used by the guest, returning them to the cabinets, and empty the refrigerator-freezer cabinets. The Service Provider is entitled to claim compensation for damaged, missing kitchen equipment items, or if the Guest hands over the kitchen in an inadequate condition, to charge an additional kitchen cleaning fee.

16.6. Service Provider provides a duvet, two pillows, sheets, an extra blanket, kitchen linen, bath outlet, 3 towels upon arrival. Towels are changed every 3 or 4 days for long term bookings. Guests may not remove towels from the villa or use them in the garden, forbidden to remove makeup or use them for their intended purpose. The Service Provider shall be entitled to invoice for any missing, damaged or irreversibly soiled textiles upon departure.

16.7. The Guest is entitled to use the value store at the Villa free of charge to preserve his/her valuables. The Service Provider is not responsible for the items left by the Guest at the Villa. In the event of burglary or theft, the Guest shall immediately notify the Police by calling the 112 emergency number, report any damage to him or her immediately and provide the Service Provider with all necessary information needed to clarify the circumstances of the accident, possibly to record the police report. Upon departure, it is the Guest's responsibility to inspect the house and to pack and take away any personal belongings.

16.8. The Guest is entitled to use the following services provided at the Villa by the Service Provider or through its contractual partners. If the Services fail to operate temporarily due to a technical failure, the Service Provider will do its utmost to correct the error as soon as possible, but shall not be liable for damages. If the service failure permanently prevents the Guest from using the Villa (eg lack of heating during the winter period), the Service Provider is obliged to the Guest in accordance with Article 15.2. to provide another placement in accordance with:
• Internet, cable TV access provided by UPC
• Power supply provided by ELMÜ
• Provision of gas by GÁZMŰVEK
• Drinking water, sewerage services provided by WATER FACTORY
• Heating
• Kitchen and bathroom appliances, television sets
• Wellness centre (pool, massage pool and sauna)
• Air conditioning (surcharge)
• Private Chef (surcharge)

16.9. The Guest may complain about the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during the stay at the Hotel. The Service Provider undertakes to deal with any complaint that has been submitted to it in writing (or recorded by it) within 30 days. The Service Provider handles any complaints individually. Complaints may be submitted by Guest to the following address and contact details by post, email or telephone:

Enikő Sánta EV
Mailing address: 1119 Budapest, Bornemissza tér 12.
Tel: +36 30 924 9381

17. Obligations of the Guest

17.1. Payment of the agreed accommodation fee and service fee: due by the deadline specified in the confirmation or upon arrival at the Villa.

17.2. The Guest (and any person traveling with or visiting the Guest) is required to use the Villa and its immediate surroundings as intended, with due care of the good host and without unnecessarily disturbing neighbours.

17.3. The Guest shall be liable for any damage suffered by the Service Provider due to the fault of the Guest, the Guest's escort or other persons under the responsibility of the Guest.

17.4. Prior to commissioning any electrical equipment that guests bring to the accommodation that is not part of their usual travel needs, the Service Provider's consent must be sought.

17.5. Guests are requested to dispose of trash during their stay in the Trash Containers in the Villa Kitchen. Please collect the trash selectively when the trash is full and dispose of it before leaving in the trash bins found near the entrance.

17.6. It is forbidden to stay in contaminated clothes (including footwear) in the Villa, and to sit on the beds and sets and not lie down! It is forbidden to move or remove furniture from the Villa!

17.7. Please ensure that drains and toilets are not blocked during your stay. Please do not throw diapers, wet wipes, cleansing pads, tampons, cotton buds, or other objects into the toilet for this purpose in the trash in the bathrooms.

17.8. Please do not feed the fish in the aquarium, do not water the flowers!

17.9. The Guest may use the tools and equipment at the Villa at his/her sole risk, subject to the mandatory use and operation instructions contained in the Welcome-Book.

17.10. Act XLII of 1999 on the protection of non-smokers In accordance with the law, smoking is not allowed in the Villa's enclosed areas (including the pool). The Service Provider placed the signs calling for the obligation to comply with the said legislation in the areas prescribed by the legislation. The Service Provider's employees have the right to warn the Guest and any other person in the Villa area to comply with the law or to stop unlawful conduct. The Guests and any person staying in the Villa area are required to comply with the law and to comply with any notice. In the event of smoking in the rooms or in the building, we will occasionally charge a compensation of € 100, which the Guest is required to pay upon departure.

17.11. If the Villa operator is fined by the competent authority for the unlawful conduct of any Guest or visitor in the Villa, the operator reserves the right to transfer the amount of the fine to the person who has committed the violation in question.

17.12. Smoking is possible in the Villa's garden, terraces or balconies. Please place the cigarette butts in the ashtrays outside and do not dispose of them on the balcony or in the garden. It is forbidden to lean out of the balcony and throw objects away, please do not leave small children unattended on the balcony.

17.13. It is forbidden to bring flammable, explosive materials, fireworks, weapons, drugs into the Villa. In case of fire, please inform the Fire Department immediately by calling the 112 emergency number. Guests are required to leave the Villa as soon as possible in the event of a fire or other alarm. In case of fire please inform the Service Provider immediately. Smoking, open flames and misuse of electrical equipment in the Villa, fire damage, and fire brigade exit charges will be borne by the Guest that caused the damage.

17.14. Guests sharing the Villa's facilities and equipment shall be jointly and severally liable for any damage resulting from improper use.

17.15. The Guest will ensure that children under the age of 14 under their responsibility are only supervised by an adult during the stay in the Villa, the wellness area or the garden. The parent is fully responsible for any damage caused by minors under the age of 18.

17.16. In the Villa area (including the garden and balconies, terraces), it is forbidden to be loudly, especially after 22.00, to keep the neighbours calm. Including listening to loud music, making music, shouting loudly, arranging parties for which the booking Guest is responsible. If a complaint is received from the neighbours, the Service Provider will notify the Guest at the telephone number provided in the booking. The Service Provider is entitled to deduct from the security deposit the sum of 100 € for the first warning and 200 € for the second warning. At the third warning, the Guest's accommodation contract shall be terminated and he/she shall immediately leave the Villa with his/her travellers. The Service Provider shall not be obliged to provide another accommodation in this case and the Service Provider shall be entitled to the unused accommodation fee and the total amount of the deposit.

17.17.  In addition to the number indicated in the booking, the Guest can only accept visitors by prior arrangement 10€/person/day extra fee. Non-hotel guests can stay at the Villa until midnight. Maximum 30 guests, including hotel guests, can stay at the villa at any one time.

17.18. The Guest can only accommodate additional hotel guests above the number of guests indicated in the reservation, subject to prior arrangement, with an additional charge of 40-70€/person/day, depending on the period. If the Service Provider or its agent registers an additional number of guests without prior consultation, the fee will be €100 per person per day.

17.19. On departure, the Guest is required to hand over the keys to the villa manager. In the event of failure to do so, or loss or destruction of the key, the Service Provider is entitled to charge an indemnity fee payable by the Guest upon departure.

17.20. The Service Provider shall compensate the damage caused by negligence or intentional damage. The Service Provider shall notify the Guest of the damage on the day of departure. If the Guest does not pay the amount of damage at the time of departure or within 2 working days after departure, the Service Provider will report to the police.

18. Pet policy

Pets are not allowed in the Villa.

19. Rights of the Service Provider

If the Guest fails to meet his obligation to pay a fee for services rendered or contractually ordered but not used, or to pay for any damage caused, the Service Provider will have a lien on the Guest's personal belongings taken to the Villa to secure its claims. This lien shall be subject to the lessor's lien rule. As long as the lien is in place, the Service Provider may prevent the removal of the pledged property. The withholding of a pledged item applies only to the pledged item and in no way restricts the personal freedom of movement of the Guest or travellers. People can leave the Villa without any restrictions.

20. Obligation of the Service Provider

20.1. The accommodation and other services ordered under the contract are performed in accordance with the applicable regulations and service standards.

20.2. Investigate the Guest's written complaint and take the necessary steps to address the issue and record it in writing.

21. Guest's illness, death

21.1. If the Guest becomes seriously ill during the use of the accommodation service, please contact the Emergency Service immediately on the emergency number 112 in case of urgency. First aid equipment is found in the downstairs bathroom, please bandage the wound in case of injury, and do not bleed the rooms, beds, towels. In case of an emergency, please contact your villa manager and the Service Provider will provide medical assistance.

21.2. In the event of illness / death of the Guest, the Service Provider shall seek reimbursement of costs from the patient / deceased's relatives, heirs or bill payers; any medical and procedural costs, the consideration for services rendered prior to death, and any damage to equipment or items in connection with the illness / death.

22. Data management

For more information on Data Management, see Privacy Policy.

23. The Service Provider’s liability for damages

23.1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage sustained by the Occupant as a result of the loss, damage or destruction of his/her belongings or for items left at the Villa upon departure.

23.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage that has occurred due to an unavoidable cause outside the scope of the Service Provider or caused by the Guest him/herself.

23.3. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for valuables, securities and cash, please use the free safe deposit box at the Villa.

23.4. In addition, the Service Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from improper use.

23.5. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages even if the use of the Villa's wellness section is limited or not allowed for the duration of the maintenance ordered to meet extraordinary or health requirements. For security reasons, the Service Provider may suspend the operation of the sauna and the swimming pools or some of them in case of technical malfunction or malfunction. In this case, we will not be able to pay compensation.

23.6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages in the event of damage, accident, injury, loss of property outside the Villa.

23.7. The Service Provider shall not be liable or refunded for inconvenience caused by the weather.

24.  Confidentiality

The Service Provider shall comply with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Information of Public Interest in performing its obligation under the Contract.

25.  Force majeure

A cause or circumstance (such as war, fire, flood, weather, power shortage, strike) over which a party has no control (force majeure) shall relieve either party of its obligations under this Agreement until such cause or circumstance there.

26. ​​Other provisions


26.1. The Contracting Parties shall make every effort to settle any disputes which may arise between them amicably.

26.2. The place of performance shall be the place where the Villa is situated.

26.3. For all disputes arising from a housing contract to the extent that the parties have settled a dispute under section 26.1. of this Agreement, the Parties agree that the Buda Central District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

26.4. The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Guest shall be governed by the provisions of Hungarian law, and in the case of non-regulated matters the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

26.5. This GTC is written in English and Hungarian. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Hungarian versions of the GTC, the Hungarian text shall prevail.

26.6. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the GTC, the current version is always available on this website


26.7. Guests must accept Hungary's tourism rules regarding the administration of guest data, as well as the current restrictions and rules related to the coronavirus epidemic.

                                                     The occupation of the Villa also entails the acceptance of the GTC.
                     Failure to not read the GTC or lack of language knowledge shall not exempt the Guest from compliance with it.

                                                                                 Thank you for your cooperation!

                              The GTC provides you with a relaxed, comfortable, undisturbed holiday. We wish you a lot of fun                                                                                                                  during your stay and welcome back as a returning guest!

                                                                                 Dream Homes Villa management

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