Dear Guests!

Unfortunately, many things have changed in the context of the corona-virus epidemic. Now everyone is trying to protect their own and their families' health instead of traveling, as our family.


We have already received many cancellations and more are expected due to the epidemic. The tourism sector is not expected to recover in the short term, and without permanent income, we cannot maintain our property or pay our employees and family members who work in our business. We thank our guests for stays so far, but as a result, we are obliged to suspend our short-stay family business indefinitely, maybe permanently but for at least 1 year. Currently, the Villa cannot be booked, we will not accept bookings for next year or later as the situation cannot be calculated.


Thank you for understanding our situation, and we wish you, your family, and your friends stay healthy in this crisis.


Enikő Sánta and family

27/03/2020 Budapest


Garden wiev